SVG Converter

SVG Converter

Do you ever have the need to convert the AutoCAD files to SVG format for web development or other use. Are you looking for a tool or application to make SVG file conversion? Here we highly recommend this SVG Converter to help you to convert SVG files. This SVG converter is a powerful SVG converting software that can convert not only the AutoCAD DWG files to to the SVG format but also the DXF and DWF format to the SVG format. Any user who has the need to convert to SVG files can ask the SVG converter for help. This SVG converter is a multifunctional tool which also can help users to convert AutoCAD files to all the popular image formats, like JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, etc. as well as convert between the AutoCAD files of different versions.

Not just only as a converter, the SVG converter also allows users to customize the output SVG files. The most important is that the SVG Converter supplies you with the Batch Conversion which is the most versatile and complicated tool which supports multiple file formats output and supports to convert DWG.DXF files into PDF, PLT, SVG, EPS, CGM vector format and to BMP,JPEG,TIFF,PNG,PCX,GIF raster format. If you are satisfied with it, just to free download it and have a try.

Key Features & Functions:

Though the SVG file Converter has so many functions it is not so difficult to use. After run the software, you can click the "Batch Convert" button on the top menu then "DWG/DXF ->SVG" option to open the below batch transform AutoCAD to SVG files window. Click the "Add Files" button to add the files you want to convert to SVG, then define the target folder for saving your files. After that click the "Start" to begin to convert to SVG.

Note: You can adjust other parameters according to the below instructions.

Keep sub-path structure

The output files would be saved in the original directory structure, which makes it convenient to distinguish the converted files and prevent the files that with the same name as the folder from being overwritten.

Same files option

This option is useful when the name of your output SVG files is same with the files in the target folder, you can choose to overwrite directly, promoter or auto generate filenames.

Convert Layout

The AutoCAD files often consists of several layouts, you should to choose the layout you want for output, you can choose from: current layout, only model space layout, all layouts, all paper space layouts and manual setting.

Define the output file size

The SVG format Converter allows users to output SVG files with random height, width and units, or you can also just to scale the original files to the size you want.

Auto Zoom Extent

It is to command the software to automatically calculate the maximum bounding rectangle which is set as the output range. If the option is not ticked in svg converter, the output is set as the viewport value of the latest saved file.

Enable Line weight

The designed line weight parameter in the graphic file is allowed to be used, this option is repulsive to the use of print pen, so you can only choose one mode to output the line width at the same time.

Use Print Pen Sets

Check this option then click the "Default" button to open the Pen Sets window. Here you can define the pen color, width, unit, minimum value of width and save them as user-defined for further use.

Watermark Setting and Usage

Check the "Set Watermark..." option and click the button. You define your own style watermarks like text watermarks, or insert the object supplied by the program. This way allows you to make the digital signature as you like.

Hidden Line Removal

If there are 3D objects in your graph, and the conversion result is supposed to be hidden line removal, you could tick this option to achieve the result.

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